In Shemakes, a "learning path" is defined by a series of activities, divided in modules, organized by our labs for one specific target of learners. Explore the three main learning paths of this project below.

In line with project goals, these modules have specifically been developed with women in mind and they serve to encourage girls and women to learn skills or get involved in areas more typically associated with boys and men. In particular, these skills create a relationship between technology and textiles, working from the very basics of using laser cutters and creating soft circuits to more complex projects like digital modular design or the creation of new materials from resin or other biomaterials. Learning paths are detailed in our Open Toolkit to make them replicable in your own laboratory. Although developed for girls and women, the activities are of course open to anyone and everyone.

Discovery Path

18-25 years
The Discovery path addresses young women aged 18-25 and is closely modeled on the existing format of Fabricademy, an alternative educational program. In this path, we collaborate with at least one academy, university or institute for fashion, museum...

Innovation Path

25+ years
The innovation path addresses women innovators aged 25 and up. It focuses on the possible ‘routes to job’ for women who have been through alternative professional training, ranging from self–made to more traditional career paths. This has been a...