Intro to Biomaterials Design with rotating stations

18-25 years
I made it 1
Time required

3 hours

Intro to Biomaterials Design with rotating stations

One of the most emerging developments that is currently growing rapidly in the field of industrial design, fashion and art is the creation of biobased materials, biofabricated in laboratories from microorganisms, bacteria and biopolymers. The industry is already incubating solutions to create new products that propose alternatives to materials derived from petroleum or animals, with examples from small and large companies such as Deserto, Piñatex, Bolt Threads, Gelatex, Mycotex.

This learning path is about Biomaterials Design. It raises awareness around emerging biobased solutions and material innovation.

The workshop is designed for a large number of participants and for this reason the group is split into subgroups that attend different activities that are happening simultaneously. The activities can be demonstrations, hands on learning, guided visits or presentations and the activity is following the methodology of rotating stations. It is preferable that the space is separated or that the parallel activities occur in different rooms in order to avoid noise.

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