Industry 4.0

We are living in a period that has been defined as a “fourth industrial revolution,” in which digital and conventional industries merge together, or put even more simply, the digital world becomes visible through objects and human actions. 

So how does “Industry 4.0” shape the shemakes ecosystem?

In shemakes learning modules and workshops, we develop skills that explore new technologies such as 3D scanning, 3D printing (additive manufacturing), parametric design and 3D modeling, as well as subtractive manufacturing like CNC milling and laser cutting. Want a concrete example? Knowing how to create the digital files necessary to control these technologies for apparel, fashion and accessories enables mass customization and local manufacturing that reshapes the concept of “factory”. We take a hands-on, intensive approach to learning how these skills can specifically be applied to the fashion industry.

We also address other issues that are relevant to Industry 4.0 either in the projectual or post-manufacturing phases. Thinking about connected or smart devices, encouraging eco-efficient consumption behaviours through digital means like apps are themes to be explored, while nearshoring and redistributed manufacturing are also important themes that may be made possible thanks to digital means and that can improve the overall sustainability of the textile and clothing industry.

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