Project Documentation

On this page you can access all the official EU project documentation.

Shemakes open toolkit

Access the shemakes open toolkit on gitlab for full documentation of the learning paths and labs activities. The toolkit can be viewed online by anyone, while editing abilities are limited to contributing labs.

Scientific publications

  • Adriana Cabrera, Anastasia Pistofidou, Marion Real, Shannon Sykes, Anna Czeschik & Jesse Marsh. Innovation Ecosystem for women makers through textiles labs and the approach. Proceedings of the Fab 16 Research Papers Stream, 2021, p.221–239. 

  • “Actuated Materials and Soft Robotics Strategies for Human-Computer Interaction Design” at CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2022 (CHI '22), Published in

  • Pascual Jara & Adriana Cabrera, “How to Define and Orchestrate Innovation Ecosystems” at Open and User Innovation Conference 2022, ETH Zurich

  • Adriana Cabrera, Anastasia Pistofidou & Lily Chambers, “From Textiles to Soft Robotics and the Emergent Approaches in STEAM and Textile Labs” in Conferences, P. I. (2022). The Future of Education International Conference 2022,

  • Adriana Cabrera, Elena Knispel, Hala Aissaoui & Niels Lichtenthäler, "Innovation processes in distributed textile labs across Europe," in Driving Design, Collective approaches enriching design principles (2023), p. 30-43 - download the pdf