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The TPL is the first open lab for the development of high-tech and e-textiles in Germany as well as an open-innovation research platform, promoting innovation networks between research, design and industry. The TPL started as project with the same name in 2017. Since the start, wee have transformed the idea TPL into an actual, physical lab (with 2 main locations). The TPL is a collaboration between the weissensee academy of art berlin (KHB) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Microintegration and Reliability (IZM). Each partner hosts one of the TPL labs. Comment: At the time of application, the TPL does not yet constitute a separate organization with its own VAT. We are actively in the process of transforming the TPL into a Verein (association), though. Due to this situation, we apply as part of the Fraunhofer IZM. If the grant is awarded to us, all funds will solely be used for the purposes of SHEMAKES related activities and not for other, unrelated Fraunhofer IZM expenses.

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Total staff: 12 people

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