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The Rog Centre project is one of the City of Ljubljana’s biggest cultural investments, transforming an important piece of industrial heritage into a new public institution, open to all, providing a supportive environment for innovative, socially beneficial projects to meet the challenges of the 21st century. A participatory approach has been at the heart of our project from the very start. The development started with the RogLab pilot project, a small fablab which involved 6000+ stakeholders and partners over 11 years. It offers a production space, technical support and training to creative people of all ages and professions. 70% of RogLab users are women which is an European unicum for technological organisations. Since the beginning RogLab has creatively addressed diverse communities with a user-centred approach, catering to the individual needs of different communities – a method that was also adopted and will be continued by the new institution Rog Centre which will open in the summer 2023.

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Community engagement


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Total staff: 6 people

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