Lucija Jankovec, Ambassador

Short Bio

Lucija Jankovec is a Slovene-based professional designer and cultural manager and producer in training.

She studied Fashion and textile design at the University of Ljubljana, where she got an MA in Sustainable fashion design. After her studies, she freelanced in cultural activities and as a textile artist, design expert and occasional fashion practitioner. She presented her work at national and international events and exhibitions and participated in an international residency developing and promoting the sustainable fashion project shirting... (a sustainable circular clothing model, from 2014-2020).

She was also an outside expert in sustainable materials at the National Institute of Chemistry (later NIC) helping develop the project BioApp - Scientists against plastic. She advised, tested and found new applications for biomaterials developed by NIC such as new Bioplastics and materials made out of food waste. Later she helped develop a material made out of apples containing only biopolymers.

She is currently working as a Project manager at Center Rog Creative Hub, one of the biggest open creative spaces in Europe. Center Rog has multiple production labs, studios, residencies and exhibition halls and encourages urban handcrafts, local manufacturing, a meeting point of professionals, educators, students and lifelong learning. She became involved with Center Rog through RogLab - recognised as the smallest fab lab in Europe - where she applied for an open call and won an award for the best prototype. After that, she became inspired by fabrication and new tech and eventually became part of the leading team.