Routes to job Survey

25+ years
I made it 2
Time required

20 minutes for participants to complete survey + your time to create and diffuse the content and to analyse the results.

Target group

25+, recent female graduates of traditional or non-traditional learning paths; female entrepreneurs in the start-up phase.

Routes to job Survey

We developed a survey in two variants to be administered to recent female graduates of Fabricademy, an alternative tech and T&C higher learning program, and, on the other hand, to new female entrepreneurs in the T&C or fashion sectors. We wanted to know what the enabling factors have been for their success, and conversely, what challenges they have faced related to their gender. You can find the questions we used in our survey in the documentation below. You can create your own version using a simple survey system like google forms.
Based on the results of this survey, we chose some of the respondents for an in-depth interview, which is the next step in our research.