18+ years
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Time required

15-20 minutes to complete the questionnaire, depending on how elaborately respondents answer the open-ended question. 
Interpretation of the collected data and conclusions can take about 2 weeks for in-depth analysis and a report.
This questionnaire is not targeted to a specific number of people, it can be run both in small workshops (to familiarize participants with the topic) and can be launched online on platforms such as Google Forms or Typeform for a period of 10-14 days if the purpose is to do quantitative research.

Target group

18+ / anyone over the age of 18 who works/worked in the textile and clothing industry and/or STEM.


This questionnaire titled “Identifying the general perception regarding Gender gap in STEM/Textile & Garment industry” was designed to be suitable for quantitative research on the general public's perception of the Gender Gap in STEM and T&C industry, which is why it was launched online on the Typeform platform and distributed on REDU's own social media channels. The content of the questionnaire can also be used in events/workshops as a means to set the context of a group and also to introduce participants to the Gender gap through their own perspective. The identity of respondents participating in this questionnaire must be kept anonymous.