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REDU is the first social enterprise in Romania that creates new and improved products out of textile pre-consumer and post-consumer waste. It is the first initiative in Iași that collects old and used materials from the community in order to reuse them. REDU's interest in developing an economic activity with a triple bottom line approach (people, planet, profit) lies in the recognition that to build societal trust and to determine behavioural change, we need a proactive attitude rather than a reactive one as well as being able to prove that another world is possible. 

In order to learn more about REDU's community, lab-to-lab collaborations and business activities, we will highlight three projects:

Lab typology

The type of lab is defined by how it approaches innovation: design, make, or place.

Key Activities

This lab works in the following activities:

Project based research
Community engagement


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Total staff: 10 people

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