Short Bio

Elvys... Co-organized of one of the first electronic music festivals in Iasi, Electrees, more than 15 years ago; graduated in fashion design with a master in Slow Fashion at the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design in Iasi; replaced his car with a bicycle, even for trips of hundreds of kilometres; collects music and shares it under the stage name The Dreamer, and one hour a week he plays drums.

Elvys is currently co-coordinator on European textile research and innovation projects and president at Mai bine, as well as designer, maker and co-owner of REDU. Among the goals of the projects he is currently working on: building and catalysing resilient communities, new circular (bio-based) textiles, circularity guides for future designer-textile makers, transparency and traceability of the textile industry production chain through blockchain and empowering future women innovators in sustainable fashion.


The activist spirit is grown and nurtured at Mai bine, where for 7 years he has been helping with many of the association's activities: urban gardening, food collection and redistribution, protests, turning Cuib into a zero waste bistro, promoting sustainable living in theory and practice, etc.