Alexandra Florea, Ambassador

Creative Director at ISAI
Short Bio

Alexandra is a self-starter and followed her heart everywhere in her life journey. Curious about chemistry, she graduated chemical engineering in Bucharest in Romania and left to study Master of Science in water technology at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. She specialized in researching sustainable technical solutions for water treatment and built a professional career as a sustainability expert and strategist at various companies, both in the start-up world and in the larger manufacturing industries. 

Alexandra has experienced the challenges for women in STEM and at the workplace, but she always believed that as long as she did not let the prejudices about women in the technical world impact her confidence and instead use the awareness in order to navigate through her experiences, it would help her push through and create a career which eventually propelled her into becoming an expert in her field. Now she is a sustainability and environmental expert, has volunteered to help enable sustainable technological solutions to be accessible in the developing countries with Engineers Without Borders and is a core partner and co-author of the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics.

Her motivation for positive change accompanied by awakening experiences combined with her Romanian roots led her to found the fashion label ISAI with the purpose to save wool from Romania from being thrown away and create ethical knitwear with a spiritual story. 

Alexandra dreams to grow her fashion label ISAI into rebirthing the fashion industry in Romania using local resources and empowering traditions. The label finds itself at the intersection of art, culture, urban and traditional roots and by participating in the Shemakes program Alexandra wants to explore different ways of creating with wool and how to bring together the local communities and the business of fashion in Romania.