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18 new shemakes ambassadors extend network and values

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by Alexandra Korey
ambassadors round 2
Keeping the activities and values of shemakes alive post-project is one of our priorities. That’s why, as we near the official end of our project, we’re pleased to announce a further expansion of our network with the addition of 18 new ambassadors!

In spring, 2022, the initial 12 ambassadors did a lot to bring shemakes values as well as exchange of knowledge to the labs that were added to the network around the same time. Ambassadors traveled, where possible, to new labs, leading workshops and also expanding their own horizons.

The 18 active labs have now nominated additional ambassadors who have stood out for their participation in shemakes activities and for their alignment with shemakes values  and collaboration. Their voices will resonate in the local and global community enabling a further development of the network and contributing to a positive shift  in the fashion, textile and clothing sector.

Here is the list of new faces! You can find their profiles in the network section of this website.

  • Sanne Visser
  • Lucija Jankovec
  • Marjana Raspor
  • Blanca Lorenzo Valero 
  • Chloé Manon Piraud
  • Stéphanie Vilayphiou
  • Silvia Piantini
  • Maurane Montreau 
  • Capucine Robert
  • Sara Diaz Rodriguez
  • Rita Perdigão
  • Adina Orboi 
  • Olivia Kotsiva
  • Christina Antzoulatou
  • Martin Gutmann
  • Jooyoung Park
  • Tulgara Carolina
  • Adrian Torres