Wearable Technologies

At the intersection of art, technology, biology and science, the emergent field of wearable technologies is attracting a lot of attention in makerspaces. Wearables explore a close relationship between humans and technology, enabling the adaptation of more natural, understandable and explorative Interactions. Chances are good that you regularly use some important products of this era - if you wear a smartwatch, that’s “wearable technology”, an object that interacts with you and measures certain data about you.

Shemakes’s wearable tech research area focuses on the design and integration of electronics with and as textiles for the development of smart fabrics that are enhanced, aesthetically and performance-wise, with microcontrollers, sensors, actuators and programmable logics. A broad range of applications for these fabrics can be developed, from performative arts to healthcare solutions.

Through dedicated learning activities, shemakes labs teach basic programming, hardware design and circuit crafting skills in order to create interactive prototypes using conductive threads, fabrics, e-embroidery and other techniques. 

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