Sustainability is at the core of everything shemakes does. In our research, learning modules and collaborations we ask: how can we work together to minimize the environmental impact of the textile and clothing industry as well as to improve the lives of the people working in the industry (the ethical aspect of sustainability).

There are many steps towards sustainability in this industry. We can start with circular design - designing for reuse, repair, disassembly, and recycling. We can minimize waste through zero waste pattern making and modularity. We can think about better design for longer term use, increasing quality but reducing the weight of materials and eliminating the concept of planned obsolescence. 

We can imagine alternative business models both at production level by enabling digital distributed micromanufacturing and on consumption level with  shared ownership of goods or rental services.

We’re rethinking how we make things, from tools to fabrication processes, revisiting eco-friendly craft techniques and exploring natural options like replacing chemicals with nature based eco friendly solutions.

By focusing on sustainability through shemakes activities, we hope to encourage the next generation of sustainable makers, eco-pioneers, material designers and other emergent professions to revisit, hack and share an array of techniques. Who knows what we can come up with together!