TCBL Days 2021: Inclusive

shemakes at TCBL Days

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TCBL Days 2021 creates shared spaces for the network to discuss four “ingredients for sustainability”: creative, circular, local, and inclusive. Shemakes is leading two sessions on December 2, 2021, on this final theme. Morning and afternoon sessions will address the role of innovation in bridging the gender gap, first generally, then specifically in Barcelona.

10-12 CET: Bridging the gender gap through innovation

How women are bringing technical, social and business model innovation to the T&C sector and the impact on the role of women within the industry and beyond. Frédérique Thureau of TCBL will provide an overview of the EU-funded shemakes project, while Kerstin Junge of the Tavistock Institute will present the project's gender vision for innovation in fashion. Fiori Zafeiropoulou, coordinator of Fashion Revolution Greece and founder of the Social Fashion Factory, will discuss the opportunities being created for women victims of violence and human trafficking. Suzy Shepherd, of the Future Fashion Factory at the University of Leeds, will look at the prospects for women in the context of Industry 4.0.

bcn roundtable

Women future barcelona roundtable

17:30-19 CET: Women weaving the future of textiles in Barcelona

Streaming from Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC, an inspirational round table that showcases local women’s practises at the intersection between craft, textile making, upcycling and entrepreneurship. By fostering dialogue amongst these diverse women, we enter into the intimacy of creative processes, capture the essence of their work, discuss how they perceive and feel about gender gaps, and ask them to define their own ingredients that can open up and feed their practices and build a sense of community.


Speakers include Roberta Lebed of circular brand Infinit Denim, Edith Canales of local sewing collective Xarxa de Dones Cosidores, Alicia Roselló Gené, founder of Duduá, Festivalet and Talleres Nómadas, Roberta Lebed, researcher of circular brand Infinit Denim, Anastasia Pistofidou in her role as Materials and Textiles lead at Fab Lab Barcelona and Jessica Guyin her role leading the Make Works community at Fab Lab Barcelona.

Moderated by Marion RealSystems Designer at Fab Lab Barcelona.


Sessions will be streamed on the shemakes Facebook page, as well as TCBL’s Facebook and YouTube channels. To attend, please sign up at

Info, schedule and sign up at - all events will be streamed online