Gabriela Macoveiu, Advisor

Gabriela Macoveiu, director of RDA NE (RO)
Short Bio

Gabriela graduated in engineering in 1989 at the Technical University Ghe. Asachi in Iasi, Romania. She gained business experience as a practicing engineer for 10 years on the Fibrex Nylon Savinesti Chemical Platform; in 2003 she obtained an MBA from INCCOR Bucuresti and began working n the field of european programmes management in RDA North-East, where she works since 1999 as regional development manager. During the past 20 years, Gabriela has coordinated multidisciplinary teams, implemented strategic regional development and smart specialization activities, elaborated and coordinated economic development projects, both for RDA and other similar public authorities and private managers from EU and accessing countries. She also works as a consultant, delivering regional development technical assistance and training for RDA North-East, EURECNA CNA Veneto, European Commission Delegation in Yerevan, Assogal Toscana, European Institute for European Policies in Berlin. She is a certified trainer for project evaluation and strategic management.