Diane Wakim, Ambassador

Computer Science Engineer
Short Bio

Diane Wakim is a French-Lebanese computer science engineer who likes to create things with her hands.

After a few years working as a web developer, she switched careers in 2020 after discovering Fabricademy and Le Textile Lab. Her personal research revolves around exploring the border between the digital and the material worlds: working at the crossroads of data and traditional craft techniques, like embroidery or sewing. As a Fabricademy student, she worked on a project called "Data Threads", trying to represent personal communications data. It is a materialization of chat conversations through computer-generated embroidered patterns. The project included coding, data analysis, generative design, embroidery and augmented reality. 

She is currently working at Le Textile Lab, a co-working and makerspace dedicated to textile, and responsible innovation in textile creation. It is located in Lyon, France, a city that has a long textile industry history. She is Associate Manager there as well as being a Fabricademy instructor training on embroidery machines, textile printers, laser cutters, as well as various crafting workshops.