Short Bio

My name is Blanca and I am a 5th grade student. I have always been a very curious person and I love doing different and creative things. Since I was a young girl I liked spending time with my father building things. Then I discovered videogames and programming. When I was 7 years old, I discovered Fab Lab León and I loved it. I like having new challenges and completing my goals. People tell me that I´m good at teaching and explaining ideas and the projects that I make.I enjoy listening to other people´s opinions, because it often go to conferences. In my opinion they're so interesting! I like spending time with older people to learn from them. I love travelling around my country or abroad and learning different cultures. In the future I would like to work as a scientific and this is why this opportunity is very important for me, because I can learn more thing about technology. I could also meet other people who are a reference for me. In my opinion it´s important to share my ideas and getting other girls to like science and technology.

I have a web page with some of the projects I have done in Fab Lab and I have participated in two important experiences there. The first was the "11-F: International Day of Girl and Women in Science. I showed the projects I carried out to people, answering their questions. I showed books about technology. I loved this activity because I told others about the things I have learned. I also prepared a presentation. The second activity was called "Innovation and Science Ministry visits Poderosas". Diana Morant visited the Fab Lab. My partners and I explained to her what we do in the "Poderosas" program. I was also pleased to talk to such an important woman.