Aurélie Mossé, Advisor

Director of the Soft Matters group at Ensad Lab (FR)
Short Bio

Aurélie Mossé is a professor in Design for Material Futures & co-head of the Soft Matters research group in Ensadlab, the French pioneering art & design-led research Lab of Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD), Paris. Her research practice sits at the intersection of textile design, architecture and new materials & technologies with a focus on exploring how these materials can inform more resilient and poetic perspectives of inhabitation, including working for the shaping of more sustainable creative industries. Her approach is practice-based, always placing making at the centre of the research process, prospective and fundamentally interdisciplinary, favoring the dialogue between design, science and industry. Her PhD thesis entitled ‘Gossamer Timescapes: Designing Self-Actuated Textiles for the Home’ (2015) explores more specifically the design of three-dimensional dynamic textiles for the home based on photovoltaic, electro-active and light-responsive technologies in collaboration with leading european technical universities including Potsdam (Germany), Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Copenhagen (Denmark). Since then, she has been exploring the boundaries between active materials, bio-digital design and circular design while contributing to international conferences, exhibitions and publications in the area of smart materials, textile & fashion design, architecture and digital crafting. In 2020, she has become an associated member of the Weaving programme of the Matters of Activity Cluster (MoA) at the Humboldt University.